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Crochet hooks according to your wish


You have an exact idea of how your crochet hook should look like?
That’s great! Send me a sketch.

You don’t really know yet and you like two or three models?
Then write me what you like about which crochet hooks and we’ll work out together how I can design your dream hook.

But why do I do such a thing at all?

In conversation with various people I have always come across the phrase
“Crochet? I can’t do that anymore. I can’t grip and hold the crochet hooks well anymore”.

At some point I just didn’t take that phrase anymore.
I was simply tired of this superficiality.
So I asked more precisely.

What I partly heard today almost upset me.
But not because it was so surprising, but because the explanation was so simple.

And the solution was also partly.

So what had happened?

Often – and many of you will agree with me-
we hear from somewhat older – and unfortunately in the meantime more often also younger fellow men:
“I can no longer because of my bones and joints”.

Unfortunately I hear this sentence more and more often.
I asked various acquaintances what they would still like to do if their joints were still working.

While the gentlemen were more interested in fishing, sports and camping, the ladies were more interested in the restriction of their handicraft skills.

I know a lot of people who unfortunately can no longer crochet.
They can no longer hold the needle properly
because they can’t get their fingers together properly.
Or they get pain when crocheting for a long time.

I was so ignorant at that time and said “then get crochet hooks with a thicker handle”.
I received only a tired smile. This shocked me a little and I asked again.
“There is no such thing” or “they are very expensive, I can’t afford that” I got as an answer.

Again, I was completely knocked off my feet.
I seriously thought a solution had already been found for every conceivable problem.
But here seemed to me a large gap to gape.

So I consulted the Internet.

I went to stores and asked there for crochet hooks with thicker handles. Again, I received only a tired smile.
Surely that could not be it?

I thought back and forth and read up on topics like rheumatism, gout, arthrosis and arthritis.
Read affected people explain their existing problems to me.

Next, I learned a lot about wood species and their properties.

Then I designed the first prototype.

I took it to relatives and acquaintances and asked what I could change.

Since they were different problems, I designed a second one. This one was a little different.
And I designed another one – a totally different one.
And again I went to my acquaintances to consult and gain experience.

Slowly it became the way I wanted it.
Of course, there is no crochet hook that is the same for all hands, but there are certain models that are definitely more comfortable for many people with hand and/or joint problems.

But what problem do most people have in their hands?
They can no longer close their hands properly due to swelling.
Often this happens due to inflammation or water retention.

In my experience, people with this kind of problem, prefer crochet hooks with thicker handles.

Like for example this model here:

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When I designed this model, everyone agreed that this was the most comfortable and could help you with your problems.

But now there was another problem.
There are the “fork holders” and the “fork holders”.

The “fork holders” as I call them – and I am one myself-

hold the crochet hooks in the whole hand,

and rather support them with the thumb or the index finger.

The “fork holders” hold the crochet hooks more elegantly like a pencil.
They shift all the force more to the thumb and index finger.

For this, models like these are very suitable and ideal for both types of grip:

As you can see, I have dealt extensively with the subject, and can therefore advise you rellatively well and comprehensively!

I wish you relaxed crocheting!

PS.: Did you know that a hand occupational therapist was so impressed by our handles that they were included in their aid consultation?


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